Delivering more EV charging to make cleaner, cheaper cars more accessible

The Albanese Government is delivering on its commitment to improve accessibility of cleaner, cheaper cars for Australians with a new $70 million round of grant funding for charging infrastructure, to be delivered through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

Following the release of the Albanese Government’s National Electric Vehicle Strategy, this funding is another critical step to make electric vehicles more accessible for all Australians.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are cleaner and cheaper to run, but for too long, range anxiety and upfront costs have been some of the biggest hurdles for Australians when considering whether or not to buy an EV.

With the Electric Car Discount bringing down the upfront cost of EVs, and high global fuel prices, more Australians are looking to cut their transport costs by purchasing an EV, with sales in the first quarter of 2023 2.5 times higher than sales a year earlier.

This $70 million funding round will make it easier to install the right type of charging infrastructure where it is needed and give more Australians access to charging facilities, including apartment block residents and remote and regional communities. This funding round is expected to support more than ten projects that will address barriers to public charging and management of charging.

This funding will be available to Australian businesses, local governments and councils, as well as State and Territory owned corporations to apply for projects which will improve charging infrastructure in their area.

Today’s announcement is part of a total funding package of $146.1 million, which will be delivered by ARENA over the next five years to continue to support business fleets, new technologies for heavy and long-distance vehicles, public charging and hydrogen refuelling stations, as well as innovative management of charging.

This will improve accessibility and make it easier to get more Australian motorists who want to make the switch into cheaper, cleaner EVs. 

After ten years of no EV policy at the federal level, we are playing catch-up to ensure the charging infrastructure is there when and where we need it. 

Climate Change and Energy Minister Bowen Chris said these grants will help improve charging technology to one day make EV chargers as accessible as service stations right across the country.

“Today’s announcement through ARENA is in addition to the Government’s National Electric Vehicle Charging Network which will deliver a truly national EV charging network with a charger approximately every 150km on our major highways”, he said.

“Australians know that electric and more fuel-efficient vehicles are cleaner and cheaper to run and after less than a year in Government, more Australian households and businesses can access them,” he said.

“Transport costs are a huge part of household budgets, and getting the charging infrastructure in place for electric vehicles is critical to ensuring households have a real choice when it comes to picking their next car,” Minister Bowen said.

For more information and to apply for funding, please visit