Investing in cleaner, cheaper energy for Warriewood

The Albanese Government is turning on more reliable renewable energy with a community battery launched in Warriewood, delivered with our Community Batteries for Household Solar program.

While one in three Australian households have already embraced rooftop solar and are accessing cleaner and cheaper energy, less than 1 in 40 households have battery storage.

This program is about empowering communities to share in the renewable energy transformation – and the Albanese Government is rolling out 400 community batteries across the country.

The 250kW/535kWh battery energy storage system in Warriewood has been built by Ausgrid and will support energy security and grid reliability, not only putting downward pressure on electricity bills but also easing pressure on the grid.

Our Reliable Renewables plan is transforming Australia’s energy system to a reliable 82% renewable grid by 2030, supported by gas, storage and transmission.

The rollout of community batteries is vital in making sure everyone can share the benefits of renewable energy by storing rooftop solar energy during the day and dispatching at night where it’s needed.

The rain doesn’t always fall, but we always have water on tap because we store it for when we need it – batteries like the one in Warriewood do the same thing for reliable renewable energy.

Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen said it would play an important role in helping households access cleaner, cheaper energy and increasing grid resilience.

“It’s incredibly exciting to deliver a community battery for Warriewood today, our Reliable Renewables plan is bringing cleaner, cheaper reliable renewable energy to communities across the country,” Minister Bowen said.