Joint media release: Government's community battery roll-out rolls on

The Hon Chris Bowen MP, Minister for Climate Change and Energy

Dr Gordon Reid MP, Member for Robertson 

The Albanese Government today switched on another community battery under its national Community Batteries for Household Solar program, helping with cost-of-living by providing access to cleaner, cheaper, more reliable energy.

Located on the NSW Central Coast, the battery is the second being delivered as part of a 400-strong national roll out.

The 412-kilowatt-hour Narara battery built by Ausgrid, will provide cleaner, cheaper energy, and will help with energy reliability when the sun isn’t shining, and the wind isn’t blowing. 

1 in 3 Australian homes now have rooftop solar, and investments in storage like today’s community battery – allow more households to access the cost-of-living benefits of household solar.

Recent analysis shows that households in NSW can save $1015, or 48 per cent off their annual energy bills with rooftop solar – but they need a grid that can support reliable energy when the sun goes down.

We know that cheap solar energy doesn’t just benefit individual households but the whole energy market, with the 31 per cent growth in rooftop solar last quarter helping to deliver a 71 per cent reduction in wholesale prices in a year.

In turning it on, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen said community batteries would help both households and the broader energy transformation.

“Delivering more storage like we’re doing today – enables more households to reliably access the cost-of-living relief offered by solar," Minister Bowen said.

“We committed to deploy 400 community batteries to help households access cheaper, cleaner energy, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with the fantastic local member for Robertson, Dr Gordon Reid today.

“Community batteries store locally generated, clean, excess solar energy for later use, putting downward pressure on household electricity costs and easing pressure on the grid.”

Local MP for Roberston Dr Gordon Reid welcomed today’s activation.

“The Narara Community Battery will help residents in Narara harness and store excess rooftop solar power, which the whole community will benefit from.

“Community batteries help our suburbs transition to renewable energy, reducing our carbon footprint and helping with the cost of energy.

“I look forward to continuing to be a part of a Federal Government that is committed to rolling out community batteries across Australia," Dr Reid said.

This battery is the second of 58 batteries being delivered through the Business Grants Hub. The remaining 342 community batteries will be overseen by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).


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