Investing in protecting Australians from climate impacts

The Albanese Government is taking strong action to protect Australians from increasing and more devastating climate events by investing in Australia’s first National Climate Risk Assessment and National Adaptation Plan.

Backed by $27.4 million in funding over 2 years under the 2023–24 Budget, this commitment will bring together experts, scientists, communities, businesses, and First Nations people to develop a national approach to climate adaptation. 

The impacts of climate change are a reality for many communities across Australia. The recent IPCC Report confirmed the urgent need to adapt to these impacts that are already certain.

After a decade of denial and delay, the Albanese Government is acting to assess and identify risks posed by climate change through the National Climate Risk Assessment, to help governments, businesses and communities understand and respond to these risks. 

The risk assessment will identify things valued by Australians that are at risk due to climate change and provide an in depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of climate hazard, exposure, and vulnerability data.

It is expected that the assessment will include consideration of rising sea levels, more frequent and increasingly hot days, impact on infrastructure and the delivery of services. 

The results with be available on a digital platform including maps and data on managing and adapting to significant national climate risks.

These results will inform the National Adaptation Plan which will guide and inform action and investment by all levels of government, the private sector, and NGOs. 

The new program will bring the expertise and capability of Australia’s world-leading scientists together through the Australian Climate Service (ACS), in partnership with the Bureau of Meteorology, Geoscience Australia, CSIRO and Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The Albanese Government is investing in the necessary action to drive down emissions and turbocharge national efforts to mitigate and adapt to current and emerging climate risks.

For more information about the National Climate Adaptation and Risk Program, visit Adapting Australia's unique environment to climate change - Adapting Australia's unique environment to climate change - DCCEEW