Blue carbon to benefit from Global Ocean Partnership

Australia is continuing to work closely with its Indo-Pacific neighbours to restore and protect blue carbon ecosystems, including mangroves, seagrasses and tidal marshes.

To mark World Wetlands Day, Minister for the Environment and Water Tanya Plibersek today announced funding for four projects located across Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

The projects will restore mangroves and seagrass while supporting local communities, researchers and authorities to collaborate and develop coastal management plans.

Through Australia’s partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), over $3 million in grants will be delivered through the Blue Carbon Accelerator Fund.

As a member of the Global Ocean Accounts Partnership (GOAP) the Australian Government has funded the GOAP Secretariat to work with the successful projects to compile and report social, economic and environmental data to meet international statistical standards. 

This allows us to measure the environmental benefits of blue carbon, and the benefits to people and communities.

A third round of the Blue Carbon Accelerator Fund will be launched in 2023.

Further information on the successful projects can be found here: Blue Carbon Accelerator Fund - DCCEEW

Quotes attributable to Minister for the Environment and Water, the Hon Tanya Plibersek: 

“Australia has one of the longest coastlines on earth and is home to about 12 per cent of the world’s blue carbon, so we very much understand the importance
of protecting, restoring, expanding these environments. 

“These ecosystems are up to five times better at storing carbon than rainforests.

“Backing Blue Carbon is a great investment. It’s a win for the environment, it’s a win for the economy, it’s a win for the climate, and the community.

“Continued support through the Blue Carbon Accelerator Fund demonstrates Australia’s commitment to improving the health of our oceans through partnering with our Indo-Pacific family.”